MOOSE, Wyo. — Get in the spirit of the season by carving a Jackson Hole-themed pumpkin!

Want to carve your own spooktacular Teton pumpkin? Click here for fun templates from Grand Teton National Park, cut out the dark sections, outline the stencil on the pumpkin and carve away.

Moose pumpkin stencil from GTNP.

During this time of year, remember to keep pumpkins inside as they can be a food attractant for bears.

“When living in bear country, never leave a pumpkin outside overnight or while you’re away. Pumpkins left outside are an unnatural food source, and can be a factor in habituation for bears and other animals, ” said the National Park Service.

Eco tip: Once the pumpkin is ready for disposal, skip the trash and find a way to compost it. If you don’t have your own compost, check with the local dump or recycling center to see if they take pumpkins.