Wurlitzer being recorded for Coyote Queen's debut album. Photo: Aaron Davis

JACKSON, Wyo. — While live music is still touch and go, there’s an abundance of new releases from regional artists. Here’s a nod to notable artists in Teton County and across Wyoming that have released music in 2021. Check out the Spotify playlist below—Buckrail Regional Music Radar, Vol. 2 (2021 Releases)—featuring locals Abby Webster, Coyote Queen, Inland Isle, Nikki Sixx (Sixx A.M.), Jake Dulln, Jack Tolan, Aaron Davis, Box Elder, Aspen Dawn, and others from around the state.

Enjoy homegrown tunes from Wyoming!

Buckrail @ Aaron

Aaron Davis is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer-engineer at Three Hearted Recording Studio, covering the Teton County music scene as a journalist-photographer since 2005.