Bronc TV: the latest news from Jackson Hole High School

The newest edition of Bronc TV was broadcasted earlier this week, and it’s a magical production (pun intended—you’ll see).

Bronc TV is Jackson Hole High School’s YouTube channel.  Every month, JHHS Media Arts students broadcast the latest news from the high school.  They cover school activities, sports, and any other current events happing around the high school.

JHHS media arts teacher Carl Shuptrine is the executive producer on each broadcast.  He has orchestrated these productions into his core curriculum for Media Arts I, II, and III courses.  Every student has a unique and different role for each production (producer, director, on-screen talent, copywriter, etc.).  If you have 5 minutes and you’re curious, you can learn more about the Robotics club from Bronc TV.  If you can make it to the end, you are in for an impressive magic trick.  This is a fantastic production and we are looking forward to seeing more.


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