Averin Scott's body was found Sunday evening after a 10-day search.

ALPINE, WY — The remains of 21-year-old Averin Scott were discovered yesterday after a nearly two-week search.

Teton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the news to Buckrail this morning, though Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Lincoln County Search and Rescue recovered the body. Lincoln County responded to a potential siting Sunday evening at around 4:30 p.m. Deputy Dave Hodges from the Teton County Sheriff’s Office notified Scott’s family a little before 7 p.m. last night that a body had been found that fit the description of the missing person. Scott’s sister then positively identified the young man’s body.

Scott’s body will remain in Lincoln County, where on-duty coroner Dain Schwab is working to determine an official cause of death.

Scott went missing just before midnight on July 3. He was last seen near the bank of the Snake River in Teton County, just north of Hoback. Teton and Lincoln County Sheriff Departments and Search and Rescue teams worked together for 10 days to find him.

Lincoln and Teton County SAR teams searched for 21-year-old Averin Scott for 10 days, since he went missing the night of July 3.

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