JACKSON, Wyo. — Throughout the summer, multiple construction projects will be underway in the Town of Jackson.

Public right-of-way projects include the Rancher Complete Street Project and the Pearl Avenue Sidewalk Project, which will be ongoing into the fall season. Below is a breakdown of what’s in the pipeline for future improvements.

Rancher Complete Street Project

What: Public Right of Way Project on Rancher Street between Broadway and Hansen Avenue.

  • Installing new water, sewer and stormwater lines to replace old and under-sized lines underneath Rancher Street between Broadway and Hansen.
  • Adding sidewalk to west side of Rancher Street between Broadway and Pearl Avenue.
  • Adding sidewalk to both sides of Rancher Street between Pearl Avenue and Hansen Avenue.
  • Straightening intersection at Hansen Avenue and Rancher Street. 

When: Anticipated Construction Completion Date: Oct. 28, 2022

  • Phase 1: Work on Rancher Street between Broadway and Pearl Avenue
  • Phase 2: Work on Rancher Street between Pearl Avenue to Simpson Avenue
  • Phase 3: Work on Rancher Street between Simpson Avenue and Hansen Avenue
  • Phase 4: Pave Rancher Street between Broadway and Hansen Avenue

Click here to see the Rancher Street Complete Street Conceptual Designs which were presented to the Jackson Town Council during a Regular Workshop on April 19, 2021. Town Council approved the conceptual design of Rancher Complete Street Project utilizing design Alternative #2 and intersection design alignment Option #2.

Photo: Town of Jackson

Pearl Street Sidewalk Project

What:  Construction project on Pearl Avenue between Willow Street and Gros Ventre Street to improve multimodal transportation on Pearl Avenue and work to improve the Complete Street concept for Pearl Avenue.

  • Installation of sidewalk on both sides of street.
  • Installation of curb on street.
  • Installation of gutters on street.
  • Repaving street.
  • Addition of street lights.

When:  July 11 through Sept. 30, 2022

A community meeting will be held on Thursday, July 7 at 5 p.m. – Corner of Jean Street and Pearl Avenue.  

Click here to see the staff report which was presented to the Jackson Town Council at the June 21, 2021, Regular Workshop.  The Town Council approved the conceptual design Alternative #2 for the Pearl Avenue Sidewalk Complete Street. 

Photo: Town of Jackson

Street Patching and Chip Sealing

Later this summer/fall the Public Works team will be street patching and chip sealing. These dates and locations will be noted in the future.

In the Pipeline for Future Improvements

  • The stormwater management program is in development.  Some field surveys to inventory missing pieces of our system map will begin this summer.
  • It is anticipated that Public Works will complete the design of Flat Creek & Karns Road reconstruction as well as Vine Street.
  • The water and stormwater design for the Recrecreation Center expansion project is complete.  It will be constructed based on the Recreation Center’s project phasing.
  • A new thaw well will be designed this summer and easements are up for approval in July.
  • Scott Lane/Maple Way access improvements is currently in the design phase.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant technical review is currently in process.  It is anticipated that the full report will completed in the near future and a public meeting will be scheduled once this is complete.

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