Blind Bull Road reopens in Greys River

STAR VALLEY, WYO – The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger Teton National Forest was given the green light from Central Federal Lands Highway Division to reopen the Blind Bull Road to vehicle traffic effective Wednesday, November 14.

The road was initially closed in June 2017 due to a large spring landslide that removed a section of the road. Since then, a winter snowmobile route was made available beginning in the 2017-18 season to provide alternative access to the winter warming hut at the top of the range. Over the winter however, another larger slide removed a section of the main Greys River Road near Porcupine Creek.

While repairs on the Greys River Road took precedence, additional mid-season movement of the Porcupine landslide allowed contractors a window to switch their efforts to working on the Blind Bull Road. Work there seemed complete by fall, until seasonal moisture arrived and it quickly became clear that additional drainage structures were needed to provide for safety.

Opening Blind Bull Road even this late in the fall will allow public access for elk hunters holding a cow license in Area 90. Other recreationists, from photographers to Christmas tree gatherers, will also be able to benefit from this November opportunity. Winter users will appreciate the restoration of the original route, which provides a much more direct connection with a very popular Horse Creek Trailhead on the neighboring Big Piney Ranger District into the heart of Greys River.

The main Greys River Road closes seasonally on December 1 to wheeled traffic in order to allow a solid snow base to establish for winter over-snow vehicles.

Greys River Ranger District map area.

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