Behind the scenes of a dream home? Delcon Partners, Llc.

JACKSON, WY — The most critical difference between a house and a dream home has nothing to do with size or location.

What makes a house a dream home is comfort, says Delcon General Manager Tim Jacobson. And Delcon works hard to give people their dream homes.

“You can have a really fancy home and not be comfortable in it,” Jacobson says. “Be it a log cabin in the woods or a mega-mansion, it doesn’t matter. A dream home is where you want to spend your time.”

Delcon is a team of dedicated electrical and mechanical technicians and designers who can troubleshoot just about anything. They’re like detectives of light and heat. Jacobson loves those jobs — the ones where “it’s a mystery when you walk in.”

“So many things are known entities, but we deal with the unknown. That’s what makes it fun.”

Among other things, Delcon installs, maintains, and repairs electrical and HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning) systems. They’ve been around since 1960 and have worked on projects of all sizes, from single-family homes to state highway lighting jobs. Perhaps their most visible work is the new tram building and dock.

For Delcon, no project is too big or too small. “We go after jobs where we think we can make a difference,” Jacobson says.

Delcon’s bread and butter is electrical and HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair. You wouldn’t drive a car without giving it some routine maintenance, right? The same principle applies to these systems, but Jacobson says people don’t always know how to maintain their systems — or even that they should. He’s seen vents with years of accumulated damage from clients who just didn’t know to check them.

“Preventative maintenance is really important,” Jacobson says. “It keeps your equipment in good shape.” [Check out this article to learn more about HVAC maintenance.]

The first step to taking care of your system is understanding it.

“I get calls from people all the time saying ‘my heating system isn’t working.’ Well, what type do you have? Does it blow air, or is it just warm?”

This is often where some light detective work comes into play. But Delcon is happy to help clients figure out their systems, and work through how to fix them.

“We want clients to be educated about their system,” Jacobson says. “That helps us help them. We always include them in the troubleshooting so they can get to know their system.” And just like anything else in life, the more time you spend with something, the better you get to know it.

Which brings us back to our dream home. A dream home, Jacobson says, is where you want to spend your time. You put work into it; you know its nooks and crannies like the words to your favorite song. It is where you feel most comfortable.

Whether it’s keeping your house at the perfect temperature, or giving it the perfect light (because lighting says a lot about the character of a house, Jacobson says), Delcon is ready to turn a house into a dream home. Visit their website or call 307.733.2240 to start your journey.

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