JACKSON, Wyo. — It takes 21 days to build a habit, research says. With that in mind, Becoming Jackson Whole (BJW) will launch its second annual 21-Day Challenge on Monday, Jan. 10.

Each day for three weeks, participants will receive an email with a link to a recorded mindfulness practice. The free program, supported by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and local practitioners, gives community members a convenient way to try mindfulness for the first time or explore a deeper practice.

“There are now thousands of studies – including a few we’ve done locally – demonstrating that mindfulness practice delivers tangible, measurable improvements in our mood, our relationships, our ability to pay attention, even job satisfaction,” says Sara Flitner, founder and president of BJW. “But just like physical exercise, results come only with consistent practice.”

Simplicity and convenience are key elements of this program, and BJW hopes to harness people’s natural instinct to make new year’s resolutions and offer a way to give mindfulness a try. One click in an email and then you just follow along with a five- to 10-minute recording. “Do that most days for 21 days straight,” explains Flitner, “and we’re confident you’ll notice cognitive and emotional benefits.”

The theme of this year’s challenge is “Building a Baseline of Kindness.” As the country enters its third year under the stress of living with the coronavirus pandemic, BJW likes to remind community members that all humans have an innate capacity for kindness and compassion. “It’s a muscle that we all have – a kindness muscle. We are happier and we do better when we routinely tap into it,” says Flitner. “And certain types of mindfulness practices, which we’ll explore through this challenge, help us keep that kindness muscle nice and strong.”

Registration is free at becomingjacksonwhole.org/21-day-challenge.