Backcountry skier injured in avalanche

Jackson WYO – A large slab avalanche was triggered today at 12:30pm in the area known as LOBB (Left of Broken Branch) south of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. A female skier was caught in the slide, carried a long distance and buried with just a small portion of her helmet exposed. She was dug out by other people on the scene. The injured skier was heli-lifted from the backcountry and sent to St. Johns Medical center for evaluation with a reported arm injury. The slide occurred at an elevation of 9,518′ and was a depth of 24″.  On Sunday Dec 23rd a snowboarder triggered a slide in the same area ( LOBB) and on Monday a skier was injured but not buried in a slide in Spacewalk Couloir.

Avalanche danger today was forecasted as Moderate between 9,000 and 10,500 feet.

Weak persistent snow lies within the snowpack. The chance continues for the weight of a single person to trigger slab avalanches on these buried layers at the mid and high elevations. Recent snow could also be triggered as loose snow sloughs or small soft slabs in very steep terrain. Avalanches at low elevations are unlikely except for in isolated pockets. Careful snowpack and terrain evaluation is essential today for safe backcountry travel.

Slide in Spacewalk Couloir injures man

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