JACKSON, WY — UPDATE: Three agencies responded to the ATV rollover at about noon today.

Rescue crews from Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, Grand Teton National Park, and Teton County Search and Rescue joined forces to rescue a woman who rolled a Scenic Safaris ATV off a 200-foot embankment just above Slide Lake. She was on a guided tour.

The woman only sustained minor injuries, said Battalion Chief Mike Moyer.

Search and Rescue’s efforts took about an hour, according to SAR group supervisor AJ Wheeler. They set up a raise to hoist the woman up on a stretcher.

Scenic Safaris recovered the ATV.

This is the third ATV accident this week in the same area. One ATV rolled over almost the same spot on Saturday, another rolled further in the Gros Ventre by Slate Creek.

Teton County Search and Rescue and Jackon Hole Fire/EMS are mid-rescue of a 71-year-old woman who drove a rented ATV off a cliff at Slide Lake.

Sheriff Matt Carr said the woman was driving a rented four-wheeler. She veered off the road and over a 200-foot embankment. She sustained injuries, but the extent of them is undetermined. Search and Rescue is going to have to set up a rig to get her out of the embankment.

This is a developing story. Buckrail will update with more information when the rescue is completed.

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