Art demo: Town Enclosure Pavilion in its last hours

JACKSON, Wyo. – It is fully a year past its expiration date but no one’s complaining. And now it is time for it to go. The Town Enclosure Pavilion that has graced the Center for the Arts Park since 2018, will be de-installed later this week.

The Town Enclosure is the remarkable sculpture whose design, by the team at CLB Architects, won national awards from Americans for the Arts and CODAWORX, and received national press from the likes of Artfix Daily, World Landscape Architect, and Interior Design.

As an art space, the Enclosure welcomed youth and professional dancers, hosted playwrights and rehearsals, and staged poets and spoken word performances. A community regularly gathered to practice flower arranging, yoga, life-drawing, and stargazing within its embrace.

The Enclosure transformed the park into a winter lightshow and a fanciful Cloud Factory billowed from its architecture. The installation was open to everyone to experience, explore, and enjoy for free.

“The Enclosure set a precedent for collaboration and activated the Center for the Arts park in ways that we never dreamed of, but that was the point—to demonstrate how public art is a catalyst that transforms our collective experience,” said Carrie Geraci, director of JH Public Art. “We invite you to say farewell to the Enclosure and to dream upon what will come next.”

Town Enclosure Pavilion received use by the community in every season. Photo: Courtesy JH Public Art

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