JACKSON, Wyo. — The month of August was nothing short of amazing in the Animal Adoption Center’s (AAC) rescue and adoption world. With the help of this dedicated animal loving-community they supported overcrowded regional and national shelters through six transports. Thankfully, area adopters were enthusiastic about the significant influx of rescue pets and by the end of the month the AAC team connected 39 homeless animals with their forever families.

The AAC team was also able to step in and support Wiley, a special medical case. Wiley was found as a stray and never claimed in Idaho Falls. During his stray hold he got extremely sick and was showing signs of kidney failure. As his prognosis was unclear, Idaho Falls agreed to transfer him to the AAC. The outstanding Jackson Animal Hospital team concluded that he had eaten rat poison, was bleeding internally, and needed a plasma transfusion immediately.  Thankfully, Wiley stabilized and is on his way to a full recovery. Follow his story on social media or reach out to the AAC to schedule a meet and greet.

On the west side of the Tetons, the AAC continues to partner with Aska’s Animals. There, they have twenty puppies growing up. These adorable puppies are experiencing daily socialization from a wide variety of exposures including contact with other animals, people, volunteers, children, sounds, smells, and weekly field trips with a certified trainer. They will be available for adoption this fall. Their team believes that early socialization and training are some of the best tools to help puppies, of all temperaments, develop into well-adjusted adult dogs. For this reason, AAC will continue to support their development with free weekly Puppy Play sessions as well as private training vouchers following their adoption. Learn more.

Elsewhere in the state, the AAC’s Spay/Neuter Wyoming team has been supporting low-income families gain access to affordable spay/neuter. So far this year, they have facilitated over 1,200 surgeries. This includes providing low-income vouchers in eight WY communities and hosting free clinics on the Wind River Reservation (WRR). Plans for an October clinic on the WRR are underway. For a behind the scenes look at this critical work, check out their annual video

Finally, the AAC is grateful for the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and Old Bill’s Fun Run. During this inspiring time of year area non-profits, including the AAC, share their missions and passions with the philanthropic community. This collaborative fundraiser includes a matching grant opportunity and accounts for one third of the AAC’s annual budget.  If you are planning to make a charitable donation this year, consider doing so through Old Bill’s. All gifts made by September 16th will be matched.