TETON VALLEY, IDA – In an effort to fully shake the flu bug that has plagued eastern Idaho, all Teton Schools will close for the rest of the week.

After already cancelling school last Friday for Teton and Basin high schools in Driggs, and closing Tetonia Elementary earlier in the week, a decision has been made to shut down all schools Feb. 6, 7, and 8 at Teton School District 401 in an effort to stop the advance of illness.

Absenteeism of students and staff has been around 20% or higher this week due to illness.

This decision was made in reviewing information with principals, medical professionals, and other school districts in Eastern Idaho that have taken similar steps.

Parents and staff have been alerted by text message, and principals and administrators are taking steps to notify students, parents, staff and those affiliated with any school program or activity that was scheduled over the next three days.

There will be no school-sponsored Winter Sports activities (skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, etc.). For the status of Teton High School sporting events, please contact the individual coach for details.

Superintendent of Schools Monte Woolstenhulme said, “This affects our entire community. Please take steps to stay home if you are sick and avoid contact with others.”

All of the schools will be disinfected thoroughly while they are closed.

Already in Idaho, four other school districts have closed schools including Shelley, Firth, Jefferson, and Fremont school districts as flu cases reach historic level in the state.