Photo Courtesy of Wyoming Game and Fish

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County is reminding homeowners and homeowner associations that aerators in manmade ponds must be turned off this winter season to be compliant with County Land Development Regulations (LDR’s).

Winter-Safe Aerators must  meet the following standards: 

  • An aerator shall be turned off from Dec. 1 through April 15.
  • An aerator shall be located so that the bubble trail from the aerator reaches the shoreline. 

Teton County Code Compliance Officer William Hutt says the purpose of the regulation is to protect wildlife.

“An aerator can prevent ice from fully freezing or make the top layer of ice susceptible to breaking when weight is put on it,” said Hutt. “This can result in wildlife falling through the ice and drowning.”

Each year, officials respond to reports of wildlife falling through ice due to aerators. Many times, the animal is deceased by the time help arrives. Violations of the Teton County LDR’s could result in no more than $750 in fines a day every day a person or entity is out of compliance as per Wyo. Stat. §18-5- 206. 

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