After quiet start, TSD 401 sees a spike in COVID activity

TETON VALLEY, Idaho — During the first three weeks of school, Teton School District 401 experienced only two positive cases of COVID, and a very small number of possible exposures. This week, however, the numbers are trending in the wrong direction.

As of Friday, September 25 at 1:45 p.m., there have been 11 total positive cases of COVID in TSD 401 since the start of school. This includes students and staff members. Currently, 77 students and staff are in quarantine from either their own individual positive case, or because of a possible exposure to someone who tested positive.

It’s too early to tell but there may be others, as each principal of the schools is working with Eastern Idaho Public Health on contact tracing and notifying people of the need to quarantine. The district also does not have information relating to families that may be self-quarantining because of a non-school-related exposure.

As of Thursday morning, there were three classes at Driggs Elementary in quarantine, two first grade classes, and one kindergarten class.

TSD 401 is in desperate need of substitutes for staff members who are quarantining. Anyone already in the TSD system as a sub, is asked to log online and take a position whenever possible, per normal procedures.

Anyone not yet in the TSD system as a substitute but would like to apply should complete the substitute-application online. All positions are paid; the daily teacher rate is dependent on education level.

Jeanne Anderson, PR consultant for TSD 401, said. “There have been some concerns expressed about last weekend’s Homecoming, and these are valid worries. Within our oversight of school events and extracurricular activities, we are working to follow CDC guidelines as much as we can while providing opportunities for students. While outdoor events and activities have been treated differently in public health information, we are aware of the challenges with groups of students at our events, and will continue to work to address that.”

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