Aerial photo of Snake River log jam directly upstream of Bar BC Ranch.

MOOSE, WYO – Yesterday authorities in Grand Teton National park made an announcement warning boaters of shifting channels and numerous newly created logjams that have created unpredictable and unusually challenging conditions on the Snake River between Deadman’s Bar and Moose Landing, specifically in the area directly upstream of Bar BC Ranch. Buckrail through our partnership with was able to capture this image around 6:40 AM this morning of the specific area of concern. You can clearly see the massive newly downed trees in the middle of the channel making it nearly impossible to safely navigate through.

Link: Park warns Snake River is unusually challenging through scenic stretches

Log Jam on the Snake River directly upstream of Bar BC Ranch. Photo: Stephen Williams
Bar BC Ranch to the left for location context. Photo: Stephen Williams

WorldCast Anglers adds a very informative first hand account of the conditions.

Be careful out there and if you don’t know don’t go.

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