6th grade ‘American Dream’ winner champions equality

JACKSON, Wyo. — Every year, sixth-grade students at Jackson Hole Middle School are asked to consider what the “American Dream” looks like and who might be left out of that vision.

The annual project is a partnership with pARTners and encourages students to consider how the American Dream can be more accessible to everyone. Students explore diversity, discrimination, and equity through the lens of a specific issue of their choosing. The final product is an artistic representation of their American Dream.

“This project allowed students to critically analyze the concept of the American Dream and the issues that prevent some members of our society from accessing opportunities and ideals we hold as a country,” said sixth-grade teacher Michelle Rooks.

This year, Eveline Baez Tzompa was chosen as the “winner” of the contest. Her project will become a rug that will display proudly at Azadi Rugs.

Her project was about sexism and gender equality.

“What I loved about it is her poster was about men and women working together to create equality,” Rooks said.

Tzompa’s victory comes with a $1,000 prize for her to keep, plus $1,000 for her to donate to a charity of her choice. Tzompa chose “You Go Girl!,” a nonprofit devoted to empowering women and girls.

“Because awareness and acknowledging is awesome,” Rooks said. “But at the end of the day, money helps us make a difference.”


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