JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) volunteers had its busiest year on record in 2022, according to a year-end rescue report released by the nonprofit today.

As of Dec. 1, TCSAR received 123 calls for service, an all-time high for the team’s year in rescues. They spent a total of 10,760 total hours, between rescues, training and community events between Dec. 1, 2021 and Nov. 30, 2022. Published twice each year by the TCSAR Foundation, the rescue report is intended to demonstrate what the TCSAR volunteers have accomplished over the previous six months.

Image: TCSAR

“The increased volume of calls and taking on a helicopter program have been daunting, and at times overwhelming, but somehow our team always figures it out and pulls it off,” said TCSAR Chief Advisor Cody Lockhart in the Rescue Report’s intro letter.

“I find it amazing that as call volume increases, volunteer response to rescues has also increased on both a percentage and numeric level. It is clear that the volunteers on TCSAR want to help those in need in Jackson Hole and surrounding areas. Our team takes service seriously, and is committed to any challenge put in front of them.” 

To read TCSAR’s full rescue report for 2022 click here.

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