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Housing Department Rules & Regulations Updates

You spoke… Over the past year, the Town of Jackson and Teton County hosted 5 Public Comment Events and 2 surveys to solicit community feedback on the Housing Rules & Regulations Update. Here’s what we heard from the community:

  • The selection process for Housing Department Homes needs to be more transparent and fair
  • Qualified applicants must work in Teton County
  • Occupancy requirements should be designed to maximize the use of bedrooms. Spare bedrooms should be avoided
  • Existing occupants of affordable units should not be subject to an annual re-qualification check-in

We listened… These are the major updates to our Rules & Regulations that will keep our community special:

  • A new selection process that includes a weighted drawing and ensures all applicants have a chance to be selected for an affordable home
  • Qualified applicants must work at least 30 hours/week in Teton County.
  • Occupancy requirements designed to maximize use of space in affordable homes and fill bedrooms
  • Annual check-in for new units to ensure occupants still qualify for subsidized housing in Teton County. This annual check-in will not affect existing owners, only units built after June 13, 2018

What are we doing?

The Jackson/Teton County Housing Department is updating the Housing Rules and Regulations (formerly called Guidelines) that govern:

  • Who qualifies to live in a Housing Department home
  • What restrictions apply to living in a Housing Department home
  • The new Rules & Regulations will go into effect this summer

More Information: https://www.engage2017.jacksontetonplan.com/




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