WYOMING — Despite Wyoming only having one four-year university in the entire state, the Cowboy State has been ranked as the tenth best in the nation to be a student in 2021 according to recent data from the student resource website, Studee.

“To help students find the best place to study, we’ve compared the cost of tuition fees, rent, and board, the percentage of the population made up of 19-25-year-olds, average salary, crime rates, happiness index scores, the weather, and finally the number of top universities in each state,” Studee said in the report.

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The study found that the average cost of tuition in Wyoming is $4,596, with only Florida having a lower cost from the top ten states. Wyoming has an 8.3% of the population between 19 and 25 years old and has the lowest crime index compared to the other top-ranking states. Of the top ten, only California and New York measured to have a higher income than Wyoming.

Photo: Studee

“If you’re looking to study somewhere that’s easy on the wallet then Wyoming could be a great option because it offers the second cheapest tuition in the U.S.,” Studee said. “With six national parks [including monuments and historic sites], it’s the perfect state for students who want to avoid city life and spend time in the great outdoors.”

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