Wyoming hunting applications open Jan. 4

WYOMING — For Wyoming hunters, Jan. 4 is often more notable than New Year’s Day. That’s when the Wyoming Game and Fish Department opens applications for six different big game species and wild turkey. All applications must be submitted online.

Beginning at 8 a.m., resident and nonresident hunters can begin submitting applications for elk, deer, antelope, spring turkey, moose, sheep, and mountain goat. The first deadline is Feb. 1 for nonresident elk and resident and nonresident spring turkey.

For 2021 planning, hunters can use the Game and Fish Hunt Planner for estimating season dates. Tentative season information for 2021 is available for moose, sheep, and mountain goat. Elk, deer, and antelope hunters can use prior season information for the best estimate. Final season information will be published on May 1, with time for hunters to make modifications or withdraw applications.

New for 2021, nonresident applicants for moose and bighorn sheep will need to elect to opt-in with their applications to be awarded a preference point if unsuccessful in the draw. They will not be automatically purchased if unsuccessful. Otherwise, unsuccessful applicants can apply for a point beginning in July.

Another notable addition for 2021; all applicants will have the ability to make a voluntary donation to Wildlife Crossing, an initiative that funds projects to reduce wildlife and vehicle collisions. Each year, more than 6,000 big game animals are killed on the roads. Read about all the updates in the 2021 Hunting License Application Information.

Details on 2021 deadlines and information will be updated on the Game and Fish Hunt Planner at the end of December. Anyone with questions regarding hunting applications can call (307) 777-4600. 

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