Wyoming Democrats reaffirm confidence in upcoming caucus

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming’s Democratic Party has confidence in the process that will be used to tally votes in the state’s upcoming presidential caucus, an official said.

The state’s Democratic Party will test a new means of counting votes during the April 4 caucus, The Casper Star-Tribune reports.

The systemic failure of the Iowa Democratic Party’s new app-based method to canvass delegates in the year’s first presidential caucus has raised concerns about other state caucuses.

Wyoming Democrats will allocate delegates for the first time with a ranked-choice system that allows voters to list up to five candidates.

The state party’s central committee will use scanning software designed by ClearBallot, which has been used in previous elections nationwide.

Results will be scanned by each county and the encrypted files will be transmitted over a secure Wi-Fi connection to the Democratic headquarters, where the results will be tabulated.

There are no concerns about the logistics, Wyoming Democratic Party Communications Director Nina Hebert said.

“We’ve gone through a secure ballot transmission system with a recognized and trusted vendor who is well-respected in the field, and we have built in three separate fail-safes in the event there is a failure with our software,” Hebert said.

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