Wyoming Democratic Party issues statement on Sen. Enzi’s retirement

WYOMING — It’s as close as a hardline Republican can expect to get to an across-the-aisle ‘kumbaya’ moment, but credit Sen. Mike Enzi’s reputation as a lawmaker willing to entertain bipartisan legislation, and, more so, a classy gesture by state Dems for their well-wishes on his impending retirement.

The Wyoming Democratic Party’s Chairman Joe M. Barbuto released a statement today on Sen. Michael Enzi’s announced retirement from the US Senate.

“While we may not find much common ground politically, Senator Enzi and I do share a mutual admiration for public service and love of Wyoming. I appreciate his willingness to serve and wish him the best in retirement,’ Barbuto stated.

Party leaders say they will work tirelessly over the next 18 months to “help elect people up and down the ballot who will prioritize the needs of working families, fight for equal opportunity, and be a strong voice for the issues that matter to folks in our state. That certainly includes this race for the US Senate,” Barbuto added.

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