JACKSON, Wyo.  The Wyoming Department of Transportation has updated its policy on Teton Pass. The transportation department today announced it will open up WYO 22 (Teton Pass) to trailer traffic under a 60,000-lbs gross vehicle weight (GVW) restriction starting May 1. This is a change from this week’s earlier announcement of a 40,000 lbs maximum GVW restriction.

As a result, WYDOT will be lowering the maximum speed limit on the pass and closing the parking area on top of the pass to utilize it as a mandatory brake check area for vehicles.

Currently, there is only one escape ramp open on WYO 22 Teton Pass, located at milepost 8.2, which is approximately a mile above the currently closed vehicle arrestor.

“We at WYDOT, as part of our mission, try to accommodate the movement of goods and services to the greatest extent feasible. In this current economic climate, we realize that this mission is as important as ever,” said district engineer Keith Compton. “So we have elected not to change the GVW and implement some other changes such as a reduction in the posted speed limit for trucks and enforcing the need to check a vehicle’s brakes prior to descending the pass. The ultimate goal here is to ensure the safety of those using the pass by changing driver behavior.”

The existing catch-net vehicle arrestor system will be modified and re-opened later this summer. WYDOT is currently pursuing a temporary “sand barrel array” system, which should be in place in the next few weeks. These new temporary safety measures will take place in advance of the construction of the temporary sand barrel array system.

Dynamic message signs will be utilized to notify drivers of the brake inspection station at the Teton Pass Summit pullout. Parking for backcountry users will still be available at other pullouts, the closest being the overflow lot/snow plow turnaround just a quarter mile east of the summit. Parking will be actively restricted until the catch-net arrestor system is functional again.

In addition, the maximum posted speed on WYO 22 Teton Pass will be reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph for trucks.

Wyoming Highway Patrol will be increasing patrols in the area and the Weigh-in-Motion system (WIM) on Teton Pass will continue to notify authorities when vehicles are over the 60,000-lbs restriction.