Wolf from Gros Ventre Pack poached, shooter confesses

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – It was a tip from a concerned sportsman about suspicious activity in the upper Gros Ventre drainage that led to three hunting citations recently.

North Jackson Game Warden Jon Stephens received a call from someone who watched an individual chasing down a wolf in a closed area. Stephens successfully located the suspect’s vehicle several hours later and learned the individual had been varmint hunting in the area for a couple days.

After finding fox pelts, Game Warden Jon Stephens asked to look through other boxes in the suspect’s truck bed. (WGFD)

The suspect had two red foxes in the back of the truck, but Stephens also noticed additional blood markings around the truck bed. When asked if they had taken anything else, they reported they had shot at but missed a coyote in the exact area the report suggested.

Stephens persisted, asking if he could take a look through several boxes in the back of the truck. It was then the warden uncovered a recently killed wolf stuffed in the bottom of one of the trunks.

When asked what was in the bottom of the box, the suspect responded, “You got me, I shot a wolf in the closed area.”

The individual stated they had planned to wait a day then try checking it in, saying it was taken in a different area. The wolf was seized and the individual received citations for taking a wolf in a closed area, failure to tag the animal, and shooting from a public roadway.

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