Why did the T-Rex cross the road?

Q: Why did the T-Rex cross the road?

A: To get to the Town Square Trick or Treat event of course!

This year’s event packed the streets of downtown Jackson with Goblins, Ghouls, and a significant number of T-Rex costumes. A little snow did not stop these hearty Wyoming kids from collecting their bounty of candy. The annual event also has the coveted costume contest awards. Check out these adorable first place winners:

Ages 0-3: mouse and cheese

Ages 4-7: Shredded Banksy (girl, you’re current!) 

Ages 9-11: Snow Globe

Ages 12-17: Hermione Granger (seriously giving Emma Watson a run for her money)

Family: Rappers

Buckrail Honorable Mention:

And of course, the Chamber team, without whom none of this would be possible: 
Photo Credit: Riley Frances Boone, Jackson Hole Chamber Of Commerce.

And now, a few of our favorite Dino Jokes:

Q: What is a T. Rex’s favorite number?
A: Eight (ate!)

Q: How many eyes does Tyrannosaurus Rex have?
A: None (the words have no letter “i” in it)

Q: What type of dinosaur exercises too much?
A: I’m-so-saurus

Q: Where do dinosaurs shop for games?
A: Toysaurus (toys-r-us)

Q: What does a T-Rex eat?
A: Anything it wants

Q: What do you call a dinosaur who’s on time?
A: A Pronto-saurus.

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