Grizzly 399 photographed in Grand Teton National Park in June of 2020. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo. —  Since being spotted outside of Grand Teton National Park boundaries, wildlife advocates have urged local residents to not publicly document sightings of Grizzly 399 and her cubs out of concern for their safety.

Organizations like Wyoming Wildlife Advocates (WWA) are also asking individuals to stay away from areas south of Wilson.

“Do not go looking for 399 and the cubs. Please let them roam freely and let managers do their best to escort her and the cubs safely,” read an Instagram post from the wildlife advocate group on Saturday.

Cindy Campbell of Grizzly Bear 760 Community, explained the importance of giving the beloved bear and cubs space while they roam outside of park boundaries.

“If people start chasing this bear down [out of the park], there will be consequences,” said Campbell.

She mentioned how Wyoming Game and Fish will not tolerate the dangerous frenzy that transpired after she was spotted in Teton Village last fall.

“Let [Game and Fish] normalize this situation and escort her in an organized fashion.”

The 25-year-old grizzly is undoubtedly expanding her territory as she and her cubs look to pack on weight for upcoming hibernation. During this ‘feeding frenzy’ bears can sometimes act more unpredictably.

“Also if she ends up near people’s homes, on a porch, etc; they have told me they will haze her. We can help this family make the trek safely if our true intent is the well-being of the bears and not our own wants or desires.”

Editor’s Note:

In the risk of putting news out that draws people to the area, it is the belief of Buckrail that a ‘heads up’ will help more than hurt. 399 has made a legacy of being near people and roads without confrontation. She is wily about vehicle traffic and is likely passing along this experience to her cubs.

Be alert. Drive cautiously. Keep an eye out for this special bear. Give her room.

It’s up to all of us to safeguard our wildlife.

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