What's the story with Jimmy Chin's hat?   Buckrail - Jackson Hole, news
Photo courtesy of GP Martin @arcadebelts

National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin’s first ascent of the Himalayan peak Meru with Renan Ozturk and Conrad Anker has gone down as one of the most impressive feats in modern day mountaineering. His film documenting the climb won the audience award at 2015’s Sundance and propelled Jimmy and his crew into a whole different stratosphere of fame. To top it off, last summer he filmed his friend and fellow North Face teammate Alex Honnold free soloing El Cap.

Along the way, he’s landed some high-profile ad work both behind and in front of the camera. He’s starred in a Range Rover ad alongside Sir Richard Branson and a Volvo ad shot in the Tetons. Jimmy has taken mountain athlete endorsements to the next level and there’s seemingly no ceiling on what he’ll summit next. In the meantime, we really wanted to know, where’d he get that sweet Wyoming lid he’s always wearing?

Turns out it’s made by dedicate, a premium brand founded in a Heidelberg cabin off Teton Pass twelve years ago. When dedicate took the underappreciated Bison flag off of the flagpole and onto a denim trucker hat, it quickly became the new symbol for (Poke free) state pride. Over a decade later, Jimmy’s high-profile exposure has helped the hat go global. He fielded a few questions from us about his iconic dedicate trucker:

Buck: The Wyoming hat seems to be emblematic of something more than just a hat. What does it represent for you?

Jimmy: It’s funny, I don’t remember when I first picked one up. For some reason, that hat seemed to fit me from day one on a lot of different levels. I love where I live, the community in Jackson Hole and the Tetons are all really special to me. I guess that hat is always with me because it represents all these things to me, and it’s like bringing a bit of home with me wherever I am. It’s almost become my signature hat since I’ve worn it so much and been in so many shoots with it on.

Buck: Your hat gets around…where are some of the most unlikely places you’ve worn it?

Jimmy: I don’t think I can name all the places it’s been but certainly everywhere from New York City to Cape Town to Tokyo to London, the Arctic to the Antarctica and most places in between.

Buck: Do you get a lot of questions about it and has it lead to some interesting conversations (about the Tetons, your home, what you’re passionate about)?

Jimmy: I do get comments about it when I travel. A lot of people will recognize that it’s a Wyoming flag and tell me how much they love Wyoming or love the hat. I guess the people that know about Wyoming… know…

Buck: What type of hat guy are you? Box fresh or beat it to death?

Jimmy: I am both. I have work hats, training hats, every day out in the sun and elements hats that get leathery and beat down from so much use and time…but I always like a crispy one out of the box for travel or in the city.

The dedicate WYO hat is made in the USA (from organic, raw American denim) and sold on the Westbank at Wilson Backcountry, Nomad Sports, and The Mudroom. Or you can pick one up online at wyominghat.com

Photo courtesy of GP Martin @arcadebelts