JACKSON, Wyo. — Few things boost morale better than good food.

Teton Rental wants to remind the community that we’re not alone even while we’re socially isolating. We can’t physically share a meal together, but we can virtually share meals and offer some recipe inspiration.

Teton Rental wants to see what everyone is cooking during their time at home, especially if it’s on a Trager Grill. Traegers can do it all — they can grill, smoke, bake, braise, even roast. The versatility of these grills is sure to produce some amazing food, and photos.

Share your meal with the hashtag #tetontrager and tag @tetonrenal on Instagram! Teton Rental will share its favorites and help make the community feel a little more connected.

Don’t have a Traeger yet? Teton Rental is also offering free delivery for Teton County residents on any Traeger Grill purchase or five bags of Traeger pellets. Give them a call to start grilling.