What’s in the water?

JACKSON, WY — Carlin Girard, Water Resource Specialist for Teton Conservation District, cares about water quality because he drinks the water here. So does his young daughter, and his wife. So does everyone who lives in Teton County.

When Girard talks about water quality, he’s talking specifically about the things that humans put into the water that pollute it. The things we put down our drains and into our lawns eventually come back to us through our taps and faucets.

Turns out, Girard says, despite the valley’s pristine and picturesque-looking lakes and rivers, Teton County has all the same water quality issues as the rest of the country. So what are those issues, and why should we care?

On this month’s episode of the podcast, Girard takes a deep dive (pun intended?) into Teton County’s water quality issues. Three ways to listen: online here, in your phone’s local podcast app, or embedded below:

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