JACKSON, Wyo. — Hill Climb weekend is right around the corner and with the changes at Snow King, Hill Climb will also look a little different.

Competitors have been racing up the Exhibition run for about 40 years but this year the course will go up Cougar and then up the new Wolverine run, created last summer.

Racers will top out at the summit, if they make it. According to Snow King’s General Manager Ryan Stanley, the run is just as steep and technical as Exhibition.

The ski area will be open with all lifts and runs apart from the Way Home Road to the west of the Elk Run, Wolverine, Exhibition, Bearcat, and Bearcat Glades.  The boot pack will be closed to hikers.  

The newly built Panorama House will have live music on the deck from 11 a.m to 3:30 p.m., with beer and beverages available for purchase. Bush Pilots will play Saturday and Tram Jam will play Sunday.