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What is Teton Conservation District? Learn about your local conservation district with this 3-minute video created by On Board Innovations.

JACKSON, WY — Have you ever wondered what Teton Conservation District does? Or what is a conservation district? Check out this short video to get to know your local conservation district!

Founded in 1946, Teton Conservation District is a local government entity that works with the community in the conservation of natural resources for the health and benefit of people and the environment.

One of 34 conservation districts in the state, our seven-person staff work to conserve water, wildlife, habitat, soil, and other natural resources through local projects, partnerships, research, and education. Our 2022 Annual Report is a great overview of our current priorities and accomplishments.

Teton Conservation District’s staff from left to right: David Lee, Phoebe Coburn, Robb Sgroi, Emily Hagedorn-Wegher, Morgan Graham, Emily Smith, Carlin Girard. Photo: Teton Conservation District
The district area encompasses all of Teton County, Wyoming. Photo: Teton Conservation District

Every four years since 1998, Teton Conservation District’s funding—The Conservation District Tax—has passed by majority vote on the general election ballot. This has allowed the district to request up to one mill of assessed property values annually. The Board of Supervisors chose to collect only 0.6 mill this fiscal year, which accounts for roughly 1/100th of the average Teton County property tax bill. As property values have increased, the Teton Conservation District Board has chosen to maintain a consistent level of funding by reducing our mill levy request.

The general election is on November 8 this year, with absentee voting beginning September 23. The Conservation District Tax is on the third page of the ballot this year.  Click here to view sample ballots.

The four candidates running for three conservation district board supervisor positions are on the first page of the ballot: Dave C. Adams, Bob Lucas, Steve McDonald, and Cate Watsabaugh. Click here to view a recent Conservation District Candidate Forum.

To learn more about Teton Conservation District, go to or reach out to us at or (307) 733-2110.