What do we need to work on as a community?

JACKSON, WY – The Town and County are in the process of updating their joint Comprehensive Plan. A key component of this update process is public outreach and listening to the community. The Town and County want to know what your experience has been in Jackson and Teton County over the last five years. Is it easier or harder to live here than it was five years ago? Is it easier or more difficult to get around? These are just a few examples of the information they are hoping to gather as they continue with this update process.

On your phone or your computer, visit menti.com and enter 34 28 39 to provide your input through a brief, but important 2-minute questionnaire. See below for a list of the questions asked in the questionnaire:

What are three positive things you have observed in the community over the past five years?
What are three things we need to work on as a community?
How are you personally contributing to the community vision?

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming community celebration event regarding updates to the Comprehensive Plan.

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