Jackson Hole we are ruining our waterways. Here’s how we can save them.

JACKSON, WY— We have a water quality problem.

As much as we love our beautiful waterways, a lot of things we do in our everyday lives are damaging them. The Clean Water Coalition has identified some of the biggest threats to our water— but the solutions they promote depend on community participation.

The problems are many: nutrient pollution from improper lawn care; E. coli from wildlife and wastewater treatment facilities; stormwater runoff carrying sediment and pollutants to waterways; invasive aquatic species; and of course, climate change. Each of these problems has an impact on our waterways and the ecosystems that depend on them (including humans, this affects our drinking water, too).

However, each problem has at least one solution, and these are the programs JH Clean Water Coalition wants to promote. A few simple lawn care practices can help reduce nutrient pollution that reaches our water bodies. Septic system maintenance can help mitigate contamination.

Moreover, the JH Clean Water Coalition is sponsoring presentations, stakeholder groups, political conversation, and other events that engage and educate the public about protecting the health of our waterways.

You can help be a part of the solution. Visit https://jhcleanwater.org/ to learn more about clean water initiatives and what you can do.

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