Welcome to the future: telehealth explained

JACKSON, Wyo. — What, you may ask, is telehealth? Some futuristic, sci-fi technology where a doctor hologram visits you in the comfort of your home? Perhaps. But, if you want to learn more, St. John’s invites community members to learn about the benefits of telehealth at a presentation at the Teton County Library on Tuesday, September 24, from 12-1 p.m.

“Telehealth is the modern way for physicians and patients to communicate through video conferencing consultations,” said presenter Dr. Lisa Finkelstein, medical director of telehealth at St. John’s Medical Center. “It’s a valuable tool for those living in rural areas, particularly in Wyoming. Telehealth allows access to specialty care providers without having to travel long distances for an in-person visit.”

Dr. Finkelstein will be joined by Sandip Ray, MBA, the program manager for St. John’s Telehealth & Innovative Services, to discuss the ways quality medical care can be delivered to the patient via a smartphone or computer.

In addition to the technologies involved, the presentation will cover services available, security and privacy issues, payments from Medicare/Medicaid/third-party insurance companies, the concept of origination sites, ease of use, the current status of telehealth in Wyoming, and the array of future opportunities for this service.

A question and answer session will follow.

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