Wanted: campfires dead out

JACKSON, WY — On this, the longest day of the year, many in Jackson will head toward clear skies and open spaces, and appreciate the extra daylight from the comfort of a campsite.

But if you build a fire to keep you warm, be sure to put it out — like, all the way out.

Campfires are a quintessential summer experience. “Caveman’s TV” provides hours of warmth and entertainment on a summer night. But left unattended, campfires can also cause trouble.

Friends of Bridger-Teton reminds campers that a fire isn’t “out” until it’s cold to the touch. Just last week, a Shadow Mountain Ambassador put out and called in 15 warm campfires. Considering more than 80% of wildfires are human-caused, those little warm embers can have huge consequences.


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DYK Shadow Mountain Ambassador Steve put out and called in 15 warm camp fires last week? ???Over 80% of wildfires are human caused. #stewardship #deadout #bridgertetonnationalforest #thatswy

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“It’s not our job to assess wildfire risk. It should always be dead out,” Friends of Bridger-Teton wrote in a comment on Instagram. “Fire is a natural part of our ecosystem but the # (sic) of human-caused fires is not… And the results of an escaped fire in a spot like Shadow could be devastating in no time at all.”


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