Victor mayor pushes funding for Targhee Bus

TETON VALLEY, Ida. Funding for regular winter transit service to Victor by Targhee shuttle has received a $2,500 outlay thanks to a late-term bypass action of city mayor, Jeff Potter.

The proposal, which had been stalled in a deadlocked city council, authorizes the City of Victor to provide the funds to Grand Targhee Resort for the purposes of strengthening route ties between the two locales.

To extend the $2,500 dollars, Mayor Potter, who will soon be replaced in-office by Councilman Will Frohlich, took the opportunity to enforce a rarely used authority that accesses the city’s resort tax fund.

As it stands Targhee shuttle is committed to stops at Victor four times, daily for the purposes of drops and pick-ups of local commuters as well as transport of an estimated 80 Grand Targhee employees living in the area. But the prominent Teton Valley recreation destination has announced its intention to explore the possibility of expanding current presence to hourly service.

Jackson transit authority START steers federal grant monies which act as principle funding behind Targhee shuttle, a mandate which at present provides no allotment for Victor. In consideration of this point, Grand Targhee director of base operations Greg Mottashed visited Victor City Council, proposing a $9,000 dollar involvement from the city to off-set fuel cost, particularly since transit service spans more than employee housing areas.

The proposal has been met with both opposition and support from council members. Current concerns include: to what level–if any–Driggs or Teton County will contribute funds towards Targhee shuttle and whether city monies are being used to subsidize a private business. Alternatively, supporting thought feels an expanded service equates to safer roadways during the winter driving season as well as meaning increased tourist dollars to Victor.

The Grand Targhee shuttle, which is newly free for resort season pass holders, makes City of Victor stops at the depot, intersection of Dogwood with Main Street, and Teton Valley Resort grounds.

To view current Targhee shuttle routes visit

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