U.S. House candidate, Lynette Grey Bull, challenges Balow on schools reopening

WYOMING — U.S. House candidate for Wyoming’s at-large congressional district, Lynnette Grey Bull, sent a detailed 8-page letter to Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jillian Balow, questioning the State’s readiness to reopen schools.

“As a mother, every aspect of our decision whether or not we reopen schools will affect me personally. It will impact my family and the health of my vulnerable elders, it will impact the people of my home, the Wind River Indian Reservation, where disproportionate rates of COVID-19 for tribal members in our community account for almost 50% of all of Wyoming coronavirus fatalities – though we account for only 2.1% of Wyoming’s population,” Grey Bull stated.

According to Grey Bull, neither her rival for the Democratic nomination, Carl Beach, nor Republican’s Rep. Liz Cheney or her rival, Blake Stanley, have taken up the issue and consequences of school reopenings in Wyoming. Grey Bull’s letter to Balow raises concerns for Wyoming families.

“I am the only candidate for US Congress in Wyoming that has children in our school system, and depends upon schools for educating and caring for my kids, and I know how deeply serious and important the question of reopening is to our state. I also know that we cannot allow our children’s lives, and the lives of those they intersect with (teachers, school custodians, and grandparents, to name a few), to be pawns in a polarized and partisan debate. Embracing homeschooling and options for remote education this fall, however arduous and difficult it is to pull off, will not kill us. But reopening our schools for political reasons just might,” she said. Grey Bull has presented 15 questions for Balow to answer.

“Nothing about our current circumstance allows us to do what we would simply like to do, or what is convenient, we must instead plan as carefully as if our students and educator’s lives depended on it – because they do. This pandemic shows no signs of magically going away, despite what the president wishes. We need a plan for this fall, not wishful thinking, and it needs to value all of the human life that would be put at risk through reopening,” Grey Bull said.

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