TCSAR is out on an interagency helicopter rescue today Aug. 29. The agency does not have a helicopter contract during the summer but rather requests use of the interagency heli when needed. Photo: TCSAR

JACKSON, Wyo.  — Teton County Search and Rescue volunteers had one of the busiest years on record, according to the year-end rescue report released Dec. 23.

The team spent more than 17,000 (yes, thousand) hours on SAR-related activities, including training, active rescues, and community events. The team responded to 103 calls for service as of Dec. 1 (and has responded to several since). It’s the second-busiest on record, just two short of 2017. But many of those calls were big and consequential.

“Most of our rescues this past year were helping folks out when their adventure went wrong. Things like bike wrecks, horse wrecks, and river wrecks were our most common rescues this summer,” TCSAR Chief Advisor Cody Lockhart wrote in the report. “However, for our team, this past summer will be remembered as a time when folks went into the mountains but did not come back alive.”

TSCAR was instrumental in recovering the body of Gabby Petito, who was murdered outside of Grand Teton National Park this fall. Rescue teams also helped find the remains of Bob Lowery and Jared Hembree.

“These were horrible tragedies where members of our team confronted some of the worst realities of humanity,” Lockhart wrote.

The tragedies took a toll on the team, Lockhart said, but TSCAR said caring for mental health is a top priority so volunteers can continue do their best work.

“I am proud that the members of TCSAR have risen to new challenges this past year,” Lockhart wrote. “We do everything we can do to make people’s worst day a little better.”

A full rescue report is available online, or physical copies can be requested by emailing

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