JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A public scoping meeting has been scheduled for the proposed Tribal Trail connector road.

Teton County is in the preliminary stages of an environmental study, design, and potential construction of a 2,600-ft long (approximately 0.5-mile) segment of Tribal Trail Road that would extend from Cherokee Lane north to Wyoming Highway 22.

“The Jackson/Teton County Integrated Transportation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan identify the Tribal Trail Connector Project as a priority to address several community needs, including travel redundancy and multi-modal connectivity between South Park neighborhoods and areas accessed by WYO 22, including Wilson, Teton Village, and eastern Idaho,” noted Heather Overholser, Teton County Public Works Director.

Currently, local drivers making these connections must travel through the Y intersection of US Highways 26/89 and WYO 22, adding to the congestion at this major crossroad.

On May 30, Teton County, in cooperation with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, will be hosting a public scoping open house for the project from 5-7pm. The meeting will be at the Teton County Library Ordway Auditorium Overholser said the county is starting this public engagement process to evaluate all options and seek public input on the study. In addition, a Stakeholder Committee was appointed last fall to oversee and provide input into the process.

The purpose of the open house is to present information on the project background and history, purpose and need, objectives, issues, and next steps. Another critical aspect of the meeting is to gather input from the public about their issues and concerns. These public comments will help inform the issues to be addressed in the Environmental Assessment being prepared for the project.

No formal presentation will be provided at the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to show up anytime in the two-hour period.