Tree wraps on Snow King Ave should prevent beaver damage

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Beaver activity in Karns Meadow prompted Parks and Recreation to wrap trees along the north side of Snow King Avenue recently.

Beavers did a number on a few trees near Karns Meadow. (Andy Erskine/Parks & Rec)

Beaver activity in Karn’s Meadow picked up in spring and has led to a couple of trees being damaged along Snow King Avenue. Parks and Recreation crews have been working with the Town of Jackson to mitigate impacts on infrastructure. It was determined that the best course of action was to wrap the trees to discourage the beaver from working on them.

Teton County/Jackson Parks & Recreation partnered with the Teton Conservation District and Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance to wrap the street trees in wire mesh which should prevent further damage. Several different options were considered and it was determined that wrapping the trees would be the least impactful and most environmentally responsible course of action.

Eight volunteers from the two groups, along with Parks and Recreation staff Steve Bigger and Matt Moore, spent the several hours wrapping the trees.

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