Lane - Car Park
Photo: Buckrail // Nick Sulzer

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Town of Jackson will be re-installing the protected bicycle lanes on Snow King Avenue next week beginning April 20.

Increased bicycle and pedestrian counts on Snow King Ave. and pathways have prompted Pathways officials to roll out the protected bike lanes as early as possible this year. The number of pedestrians and cyclists using the community’s pathway system is up dramatically from this time last year and in some areas is at an all-time high, likely due to the effects of COVID-19 impacts on the community.

Crews will be at work beginning April 20 to once again install bollards delineating dedicated bike lanes on Snow King Avenue. Photo: Courtesy TOJ

User counts on Snow King over the last month are up more than 166% from 2019 levels and many pathways have seen more than triple the regular usage for this time of year. The increased usage correlates with the implementation of COVID-related closures of schools and businesses.

Pathways officials note that, with schools closed, after-school activities suspended, and many of the usual foul-weather options such as going to the gym on hold for the time being, not to mention the added stress of having to deal with the COVID-19 restrictions, it’s more important than ever that people of all ages and physical abilities have safe, convenient ways to get out of the house for some exercise and fresh air.

The pathway system has provided a valuable option to the entire Jackson Hole community for safe, close-to-home recreation and transportation options like commuting to work or going to the grocery store, all while incorporating healthy activity in their daily routine and allowing people to maintain recommended social distancing.

Snow King Avenue serves as the primary east-west bicycle route through the town of Jackson, connecting the downtown and neighborhoods in East Jackson to destinations such as the Teton County Library, the Jackson/Teton County pathway system, the public school campuses, and commercial areas and neighborhoods in West Jackson.

The protected bike lanes feature paint markings and flexible plastic delineators, or bollards, to offset the bike lane from motor vehicle traffic, which provides improved safety and comfortable riding conditions for people of all ages and abilities. The protected bike lanes run from Cache St. to Scott Lane and continue on Scott Lane and Maple Way to the start of the Garaman Pathway along Flat Creek. The layout of the protected bike lanes will be the same as last year.