Town tweaks parking regs for large vehicles in Home Ranch lot

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Oversized parking spaces in the municipal Home Ranch lot, located on North Cache Street, are now available for buses, RVs, and vehicles pulling trailers only. Previously any vehicle over 20 feet could use the oversized spaces.

“These updated regulations are aimed to reduce confusion for individuals parking in the Home Ranch parking lot as well as to assist with enforcement,” said police chief Todd Smith.

The fact is, few people know if their vehicle is 20 feet long and when parking gets tight downtown, too many were erring on the side of “over-estimating” their vehicle’s size.

“These oversized parking spaces are intended to provide parking for the largest vehicles in the town,” said the town’s information officer Carl Pelletier. “The change was made to ensure that the largest types of vehicles—RVs, tour buses, and vehicles pulling trailers—have access to these spaces in the lot and can easily get off the main thoroughfares. Passenger vehicles such as pick-up trucks, have adequate access to onstreet parking.”

New signage has been posted by the Public Works Department at the Home Ranch parking lot reflecting these changes.

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