JACKSON, Wyo. — Following a newly-approved county-wide Public Health Order that prohibits public or private gatherings with anyone outside your household, Jackson town councilors voted this morning to repeal the emergency stay-at-home ordinance passed last Saturday.

The new public health order effectively accomplishes the same goals as the ordinance, councilors agreed, and is further-reaching.

“In my mind and what the goal has been all along for me is to make this county-wide, since we are one community,” said Councilor Hailey-Morton Levinson. “This is cleaner. I’m appreciative to the County Health Officer [Dr. Travis Riddell] and the state for signing that order.”

Stanford echoed that the public health order approved last night is effectively a county-wide “stay-at-home” order and thus more effective than a town ordinance.

“We’re all playing for the same team,” Stanford said. “Anyone who puts politics ahead of public health in these times does so at great peril. If there are additional steps Town of Jackson needs to take to keep residents safe, I won’t hesitate to act.”

The Public Health Order mandates that Teton County residents not gather, publicly or privately, with anyone outside of their immediate household.

“Fundamentally, we’re trying to tell you ‘stay at home,’ and if you’re not at home, don’t violate six feet [of distance between other people] unless it’s essential,” said Mayor Pete Muldoon.

The motion carried unanimously. There are now several county-wide public health orders in effect, several public health recommendations, and three state-wide health orders. Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of what those are and what they mean.

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