JACKSON, Wyo. — By reimagining private air travel, Aero has become a game-changer for the Jackson Hole market. After launching in Europe in 2019, the semi-private jet company is now flying several routes in North America, including between LA and Jackson Hole. Every aspect of the Aero journey has been meticulously designed to make guests feel at ease and to recapture the glory days of air travel. The company prioritizes guest well-being and provides exceptional personalized service, believing the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination. We spoke with Aero to learn more:

Photo: Aero

Where does Aero fly?
We are offering twice-weekly direct flights between private terminals in Jackson Hole and LA. Other North American destinations serviced to and from Los Angeles include Napa, Aspen, and Sun Valley. This summer in Europe, we are flying between Ibiza and Mykonos, with new routes from London to Nice and Ibiza launching soon.

What is the onboard experience like?
Guests can expect exceptional service from our dedicated hosts, a curated selection of artisanal snacks and cocktails, and an intimate, laid-back vibe. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, including the jet’s intuitive interior lighting system, which transitions from brighter and warmer light during the flight to cooler hues in preparation for landing. Other details include hand-stitched Italian leather seats and a Bongiovi Acoustic Lab sound system, all lending themselves to a truly immersive in-fight experience. Upon arrival, our Concierge team can arrange for transportation from the airport.

Photo: Aero

How does Aero stand apart from the competition?
Priced at around the same cost as a first-class seat on a large commercial airline, Aero is a smart option for those who fly between Jackson Hole and Los Angeles on a regular basis. Aero flies between crowd-free private terminals, making the experience seamless and hassle-free. Guests can book with peace of mind knowing they can change or cancel their trip up to 48 hours before departure. Flying Aero may be a smarter choice for the environment as well. Aggregating demand on popular routes enables people to share planes instead of flying alone, which makes travel more fuel efficient. We’re also one of the first companies to have switched to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (a blend of biofuel), dramatically reducing the carbon emissions per flight. And for every ticket booked, we will plant five trees to help reduce their carbon footprint.

What are Aero’s plans for the future?
We plan on adding more routes to provide our guests with access to more of the world’s most coveted destinations. We also plan on expanding our fleet, and we’re experimenting with new jet experiences. This summer, flights to and from Jackson

Hole will be serviced by the Embraer Legacy 600 jet, a new addition to Aero’s fleet of customized Embraer jets. This business jet boasts a spacious cabin in a 13-seat configuration that brings a new level of comfort, space, and flexibility to the Aero experience. Guests will have a chance to share feedback on the Legacy 600 before it goes in for a full custom-designed Aero makeover.

What pricing options are available?
Jackson Hole residents can use code ‘Jackson10’ at checkout to receive 10 percent off your first flight. Seats are configured in a 13- to 16-seat arrangement and can be booked individually or shared with family and friends. Exclusive group pricing options are available for reservations made through July 31, 2021.

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