Lavey is an upbeat and engaging Jacksonite. She's also behind the scenes of a weekly podcast series called "Bothering the Band". Photo: Courtesy

JACKSON, Wyo. — Abby Lavey is the ultimate trifecta; she’s a pop culture geek, general manager of a local hotel and the producer of a podcast that features musicians from across the world.

Lavey is an upbeat and engaging Jacksonite. She’s also behind the scenes of a weekly podcast series called Bothering the Band.

In each episode, host Ryan Buynak and occasionally Lavey herself will question and entertain the show’s subjects. Whether they are a local act, visiting town for a show, or completely foreign to the area, the podcast travels far off the beaten path from the traditional Q & A. But for a music junkie like Lavey, a dynamic as such is a thrilling endeavor.

Photo: Courtesy

For fifteen years Lavey has lived and worked in the valley, carrying a hard-to-miss passion for music passed down to her by her parents.

“Music has always been a huge thing in my life, and I have that thanks to my parents,” said Lavey.”I got a love of all things music from them. As I got into my teen years that was the one thing I was allowed to do on a school night, usually your parents don’t want you going out late, but for some reason, if it was live music or a concert I was always allowed to go. So it really just built this love for all things music in me.”

Surprisingly, Lavey has never performed or played music in her life, but the culture surrounding the entertainment industry has always pulled her in.

“I can’t play or sing, so I dove into it the only way I could. Music has always been a passion, so Bothering the Band is a huge passion project for me.”

In 2020, Bothering the Band was just a written article series for an independent music magazine, but with some encouragement from host Ryan Buynak, the duo launched full commitment into a weekly podcast series.

“Want to know your favorite musician’s favorite sandwich? How about what they wanted to be when they grow up? Welcome to Bothering the Band, which is now your new favorite podcast. It’s sometimes wacky and sometimes real-world questions that dive into the minds of your favorite musicians, all with the goal to elicit fun tales and hilarious anecdotes from the most talented bands and musicians from all over the wide world.” – Bothering the Band

The podcast team consists of a graphic designer, host Buynak, who conducts lively interviews with guests, and Lavey who ties it all together by editing, uploading and distributing content. While most of the shows unfold over zoom, it is a goal of Bothering the Band to produce more live episodes in the coming year. But for a small and nimble team, the podcast has successfully featured dozens of guests in just under a year of production.

When Lavey isn’t busy editing audio or managing the hotel, she can be found fly-fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

“I spend all my free time on the river. I love to go somewhere where my phone shows ‘no cell service’,” Lavey said.

But once she’s back on the grid, she’s also back to bothering the band; with a new episode released every Wednesday, available on most streaming services.

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