Thermopolis game warden calls on roping skills to rescue deer

WYOMING – Thermopolis Game Warden Benge Brown’s job duties do not normally include lassoing of any kind but every good Wyoming cowboy knows how to build a loop, right? Recently, however, that’s exactly what Brown did to help out a white-tailed deer that had become entangled by the antlers with another buck.

A landowner west of Thermopolis called Brown to report the two entangled deer. When Brown responded, he found two bucks locked together by the antlers, one deer dragging the other. Unfortunately, one of the deer had already died, presumably due to exhaustion.

With the help of Disease Biologist Eric Maichak, Brown was able to secure the exhausted, but still living deer with a rope while Maichak sawed off the antlers, freeing the animals from one another. The deer was then released.

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