The perfect rainy day activity: whitewater rafting

JACKSON, WY— Even the most expert adventurers can’t control the weather. Storms in the forecast this week may put a damper on your outdoor plans, but there is one activity that is perfect for a rainy day.

Whitewater rafting. May seem counterintuitive, but think about it: you’re gonna get wet anyway. Dave Hansen Whitewater has everything you need to keep you safe and entertained: you’ll get wetsuits, booties, wetsuit jackets, helmets, and personal flotation devices for your rainy rafting session. You can also store dry clothes and towels on the bus for after so you can dry off and warm up right away.

And the thing about Jackson weather is, as the local saying goes, “if you don’t like it, wait 10 minutes.” On a three-hour rafting trip, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get rained on the whole time, and those patches of sunshine, or just dry clouds, will feel 0h-so-sweet.

Dave Hansen actually thinks the people who come back after rainy day trips are the ones who have had the most fun. Rafting gave them an opportunity to make something of their day when the might have otherwise just given up and stayed inside. Read these TripAdvisor reviews from rainy day rafters to see for yourself:

TripAdvisor user “Melissa M.” wrote on August 31, 2017

Fun in the rain!
Thank you Sandy for a wonderful day rafting today. You made our trip that much greater with your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm! Thank you!

TripAdvisor user “Heidi F.” wrote just two short weeks ago:

Great time, even in cold and rainy weather!
For 4 out of 5 of us, this was our first whitewater trip. The river was super high but our guide, Billy, was great and took safety seriously. Our three teen boys all loved it.

Don’t let a little weather keep you inside. Raft on!

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