The Lagree method is taking Jackson by storm

JACKSON, Wyo. —  Meet your Megaformer, some say it looks like a medieval-style torture device but others can’t get enough of this tension-based training system that’s easy on joints, ligaments, and connective tissue – but also probably one of the most, if not THE most, challenging workouts you’ve ever done!

Almost four years ago, the team at Pursue JH brought the Megaformer to Jackson Hole. An all-in-one training system developed by a retired bodybuilder turned fitness guru, Sebastien Lagree, who wanted to train the body to grow stronger, longer, and more flexible – all while improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Many people mistakenly call it “Pilates” or the “MegarREformer” but it is neither.

So what’s the difference?

The Megaformer instructors at Pursue say that the Lagree method requires practitioners to actually move slower through an exercise’s range of motion, but faster through each exercise transition than you would in a traditional Pilates class – so the slowest you’ve ever performed an exercise, but then absolutely no breaks between each exercise. What else is different?

“It’s the energy, the music, the vibe, the intensity (without any impact), that makes Lagree classes so unique. There is an incredible amount of attention to detail required in this class, as the instructor provides explicit cueing and hands-on adjustments to get each body into position – getting into position is about 80% of the work, and then maybe, maybe you might move an inch, or two, or three.It takes an incredibly strong person not just physically, but mentally to want to come in and actually work that hard for 50 mins…you can’t just go through the motions on the Megaformer, every part of your body and mind is on high alert, from your big toe to the tips of your ears, you feel everything, even muscles you never even knew you had!” – Pursue Instructor

What happens when the instructors aren’t refining your position, your movement, and helping you dig deeper? They are pumping the volume on some of the most inspiring and high-energy music out there. We are told that music is an extremely valuable component of the Megaformer class experience at Pursue. You can expect to hear everything from today’s hottest hits to some metal and grittier alternative rock, rap, hip hop, and even deep house and a little shuffle syndrome.

After a 50-minute Lagree class on the Megaformer at Pursue, you can expect to walk out the door with an all-over body vibration – your legs might feel a little like Jell-O, similar to how you feel after a day of slashing powder on the slopes. Because each exercise requires laser focus concentration, it is similar to having a meditative experience that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated, but with a very satisfying physical fatigue – but not so tired that you are unable to move and perform throughout the rest of your day.

You’ll be walking taller, moving with more grace and efficiency, less prone to injury as you improve your balance and coordination working unilaterally on the machine (one side at a time), and feel like you can run, bike, ski, swim, and climb forever as the Lagree Method targets your slow-twitch, endurance muscles!

Need a little more balance in your body and in your life? Go check out the Megaformer classes at Pursue JH. And don’t forget to take advantage of their new client specials:

• New Client 2 Week Unlimited Class Package for $79
• New Client 1 Month Unlimited Class Package for $120

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