The Injury Care Clinic: a walk-in solution for sports injuries

JACKSON, WY—Medicine Wheel Wellness is proud to present the Injury Care Clinic (ICC). The Injury Care Clinic specializes in walk-in professional care for non-emergency sports and orthopedic injuries such as sprains, strains, and assessment & treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions.

Don’t let your injury, tightness, or tweak get the best of you or build up to cost you an arm and a leg. The goal is to create an affordable diagnosis and treatment option to avoid adding more insult to injury, as well as the prevention of future injuries.

The ICC is serviced by Dr. Derrik Sulzer, DC, MS a certified Sports Medicine Chiropractor who specializes in Sports Injury & Chiropractic Care. Derrik will be offering walk-in hours every day of the week in the mornings and evenings except for Sunday and Tuesday. However, he will be on call 7-days a week by contacting his cell phone.

The ICC is not a physician-based injury care clinic, therefore they do not provide or order prescription medications. However, they work closely with local physicians and will make the appropriate referrals for any emergency or care that goes outside a sports medicine-based clinical scope of practice. The ICC does not treat or stitch cuts or open wounds, cast or splint fractures or severe bone/ligament injury. It does not offer in-house x-ray or MRI imaging, however, Dr. Derrik can order advanced imaging to assist with determining your diagnosis.

Pricing will be cash-based and depend on the severity of the injury and the amount of treatment necessary to meet the patient’s goals. The ICC does not take insurance directly, however, it can print a superbill that patients can submit to their insurance company on their own for reimbursement.

15 min – $40
30 min – $80
45 min – $120
60 min – $160

[email protected]
Business hours: M-F 9-5 Office: 307-699-7480
Nights and weekends Derrik’s Cell: 920-321-8317
120 W Pearl Ave, Jackson WY 83001

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Medicine Wheel Wellness

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